Get Mad

“When your legs are tired, and your arms are giving out…GET MAD. Get mad that you’re tired, and push yourself HARDER.”

These inspiring words left a mark on me, and I apply them day to day. Quoted by my

Crossfit coach, this advice has carried me through my frustration. When I feel like I can’t finish those last few reps or run that last mile, I get angry. I get angry at my exhaustion. I discovered that that’s the best fuel for the mind and body to overcome fatigue, and finish strong.


We make our most critical decision when we feel like giving up. Realize that it’s your brain that gives up before your body. Frustration has its way of building mind blocks, which limits us and leaves us feeling discouraged. We have the power to defeat those barriers through self-control. Our bodies are capable of so much. It’s our minds that we have to convince. Once we learn to control our minds, we can conquer our bodies. Our self-control is key. If Not Now, When?


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