10 Blogs to Follow

“The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” 

Creating from nothing is a rare type of creativity. We are often creating from something by changing something a little bit.

The mission of my blog is to identify links between health and different media channels, and how they affect our attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles. Fortunately, I follow 10 bloggers that feature positive, useful posts that reflect my mission of a healthy, happy life.


The name explains it all. TreeHugger is a leading media outlet providing green news, products, information and solution.

Food Politics

Marion Nestle focuses on the politics of nutrition almost every day on her blog. From GMOs to the FDA and USDA, Nestle’s well-written articles simplify current issues in the food industry and raise important questions about our food supply.

Ultra Runner Girl

Whether you’re interested in humanitarian fieldwork, long-distance running, or exotic travel, Stephanie Case’s blog has a little something for everyone with an adventurous spirit.

Daily Cup of Yoga

Brian Call describes his site as a source for “tips, tools, and wisdom on yoga, books, and technology.”


Rebecca Pacheco’s blog, where yoga and stretching videos share space with philosophical musings and empowering observations.


This site tells the tale of Jessie Rosen’s journey through the often-confusing period between ages 30 and 40. Her blog posts are mainly about self-esteem, body image, relationships, social media and feminism.

Fit and Feminist

Her blog is an incredible resource not just for fitness motivation and race recaps, but for exploring the social and political issues related to women and fitness. The blog tackles topics such as beauty norms, body confidence and women-only races.


The blog rounds up and breaks down news and trends in fitness, food, and beauty, all with just the right amount of irreverence.

FitSocial Conference

the premier conference discussing the communication of cutting-edge health and fitness information to the public via blogging and social media. This conference is a unique combination of blogging, social media and hard science.


MindBodyGreen addresses nearly every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, including far-reaching topics like relationships, finances, stress, spirituality and overall mental health.









2 thoughts on “10 Blogs to Follow

  1. aaaaaargh says:

    This works pretty well (although you haven’t posted a blogroll as a widget to your blog, which was worth 5 pts). I’m not quite sure if Treehugger belongs, but otherwise you seem to be looking at some solid sources. In addition, your introduction to this does a great job of more clearly laying out your blog’s focus (although a conclusion would also have been nice).


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