False Advertisement


Throughout social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I’ve noticed the constant argument of “a real woman.”

What is a real woman?

– “Strong is the new skinny.”

– “Nothing taste as good as skinny”

A Real Woman: (n) is whatever the hell she wants to be.

Women get worked up over this topic, and I blame ADVERTISEMENT. Jean Kilbourne’s documentary “Killing Us Softly” studies gender representation in advertising. The analysis decodes an array of print and television advertisements to reveal a pattern of disturbing and destructive gender stereotypes. There’s a relationship between advertising and broader issues of culture, identity, sexism and gender violence.

Women all over the world are suffering self-esteem issues and eating disorders. Little do they know, majority of these images are air brushed and photoshopped.  It’s time to take action, and generate awareness. Ladies, don’t let advertisement fool you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


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