Sneaky GMOs


Today, I had lunch at Real Juice Bar, which inspired me to research more about GMOs. Real Juice Bar is a supporter of non-GMO crops. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Genetic modification merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, chemical, bacterial and viral genes that can’t occur naturally. There has been growing evidence that links GMOs to heath problems, environmental damage and the violation of consumers’ and farmers’ rights. As the GM crops rapidly increase, organic crops are slowly suffering.

I read an article by The New York Times, which reported on the heated debate about labeling foods that contain GMOs. The debate has been brought to state legislature and Congress. Interest groups and advocates are arguing about whether or not products should meet certain mandatory regulations for non-GMO labeling.

Many products in grocery stores are labeled non-GMO without any verification process. According to the Non-GMO project, over 24,500 products are verified as non-GMO. However, the Food Marketing Institute found that a grocery store contains over 40,000 products labeled GMO-free.

Voluntary labeling is confusing consumers. Mappe, a philosophers, analyzes the violation of informed requirement, which includes lies, deception and withholding information. Lies are acts involving false statement. Deception is an act that is generally true but intends to draw an inference that is false. Withholding information fails to disclose information. These three requirements are Mappe’s solution to sexual morality. However, I think his solution can be applied food marketing. Marketers violate all three  requirements by labeling their products without meeting non-GMO criteria. Therefore,  this marketing strategy can be considered unethical.


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