Debate Over Runners Smoking Weed

Digging in a little further into my last, Weed Post Workout, I’m going to analyze the debate over running while high. This seems to be a common topic in runner’s blogs. Let’s see what they have to say.

It’s interesting that Will Run Longer supports marijuana when helping those who are suffering from disease. However, the blog is somewhat opposed to the idea of ultrarunners taking advantage of the drug’s benefits. Will Run Longer moves to the real question, “Why do ultra runners choose ultra running?” The blogger believes that this is the crux of the issue. Why do these runners choose such an intense sport, then smoke marijuana to experience less than the real thing? The blogger includes the example, “It would be like choosing to be a doctor, but not willing to see human blood.” The blog explains a concept he calls sensory prominent, which means if an ultra runner wants to experience the highs, he/she has to experience the lows (the actual lows…they shouldn’t be fixed).

“Smoke pot during an ultra? I think I’ll just keep digging.” –Will

On the other hand, The View From Hell claims that running high is the single most important factor in making life bearable and finds it shocking that this healthy pleasure is denied by millions of Americans. The blogger bases his argument around pleasure, the meaning of pleasure and pleasure’s moral value.

Wall Street Journal reports on how marijuana is just another painkiller athletes take for grueling races. It’s equivalent to popping  multiple Advil or Tylenol. The article focuses on ultrarunner, Collins, who eats marijuana laced foods. inhales water vapors and rubs marijuana balm on his legs for training. The marijuana balm numbs his legs. Small doses of marijuana keeps his mind at ease. And, marijuana candies and cookies lowers his heart rate and relaxes his muscles. The runner says, “Sometimes [pot] is the only way I can fall asleep after racing.”

What do you think?

This is such an interesting debate. You’ve read both side of the case. For ultramarathoners, is the use of marijuana unethical?

Comment below!


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