Fitness Mobility

Mobile technology is now tracking everything from your heart rate to your blood oxygen level. Today, the fitness technology trend is booming. According to CBS News, athletes are paying roughly $49-250 for wearable fit bands. However, smartphone apps are anywhere around $5 or FREE.

So which is better? Wearables or apps

Research discovered that smartphone fitness apps prove to be a more accessible and affordable way to track daily steps.

But for those of you who climb, play basketball, kick box, etc., you might prefer not to have a phone in your pocket. Wearable devices might be more of a convenience.

Fitness tech experts have found that wearables, such as  FitBit, are capable to monitor heart rate, blood sugar and  a runner’s cadence and foot-ground contact time. Smartphone apps can’t collect this detailed data.

Whether it’s a wearable or a smartphone app, it depends on the consumer. For diabetic demographic, wearable technology is probably life changing. For those who prefer not to have a phone in their pocket during physical activity, wearable devices are much more convenient. For those who want to monitor their daily steps, smartphone apps would be much more accessible and cheap way to track their fitness behaviors.

It’s important to remember that fitness comes first and the technology second. Your workout and lifestyle choices are what’s important.

“Mobile tools change you tactics not your standard.” -Briggs, Journalism NEXT


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