Does yoga count as a good workout?

This day and age, almost everyone is striking their yoga pose. Nearly, 15.8 million Americans are practicing yoga. Yoga improves strength and flexibility but is downward dog or a head stand enough to burn fat?

While yoga promotes various health benefits, it lacks the cardiovascular component.



Yoga’s primarly works the mind, helping alleviate stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Yoga also includes flexibility-focused poses, which helps reduce the risk of injury. Researchers have also found that poses such as inverse poses, planks, and chair poses can increase overall strength

Yoga also provides similar benefits to red wine, removing toxins and acts as an antioxidant booster. I think most yogis can agree that savasana (that’s the final relaxation pose) is Yoga’s primary benefit. It leaves us yogis feeling mellow and clear-minded. 

Yoga improves overall health. However, researchers suggests that we avoid sticking to just one workout.   In order to reach your fitness goals, try mixing your practice in with other exercises such as running, kickboxing, climbing, etc.

There are multiple types of yoga. If you’re seeking amp up the intensity, try Power Yoga.

What is power yoga?

Imagine practicing extreme yoga in a sauna.

Power Yoga is synchronizing breathing patterns to each movement, known as Vinyasa.

“In the eyes of a person who does not practice Yoga, the movement may seem soft and free-flowing, comparable to a trancelike dance.” 

What’s your favorite type of yoga? 

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