A Mindful Workout is Better Than Any Other

b01a5c4026df0414c41cdb40af5f664cWhen you think meditation, you might think it’s weird hippie dippy stuff. You might think that meditation must be executed motionless or sitting down.  However,  you can meditate while walking, running, climbing, swimming, weight training, etc. In fact, meditation benefits you during your workout.

Fitness 19 defines mediation as a way to reign in your thoughts and stay mindful of yourself and your breathing. Whether you’re running, walking, hiking or weightlifting, exercise requires you to reign in your thoughts to truly focus on the moment and movement.

Not every workout is successful. Sometimes, running a 5K or finishing those last few reps can be dreadful.

Why is that?

Fitness 19 mentioned that sometimes we have the tendency to focus on issues in our personal or work lives. A bad day at work, stress over school or an argument with a friend can negatively impact your workout.

Fortunately, meditation is designed to help you avoid those negative thoughts, and stay present in your current workout. Your meditation breath has the power to strengthens both  your mind and body.

Half the battle is mental.

When you’re long distance running, mountain biking  or climbing up a mountain, your mind starts to wander off and convinces you to slow down and give up. Having a strong mind is crucial to fight off those mental distractions .

How do you meditate?



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