Five Second Rule: Myth or Fact?

How many of you live by the five-second rule? You know, that rule that allows you to eat whatever’s dropped on the floor, just as along as it hasn’t been on there for more than five seconds. Just admit it. I’m sure we’ve all done it.


This  food doctrine, which states that food dropped on the ground will not be significantly contaminated with bacteria if it is picked up within five seconds of being dropped, has been passed down from generation to generation. However, recent findings suggest that this well-known folklore might actually just be a myth.

Some of us might already knew but that. Yet, it didn’t stop us from recovering the toast that magically hopped out of our hands .

Rachelle Williams, a Food Safety Information Council spokeswoman, voiced her thoughts on  five second rule to Daily Mail Australia:

“There’s no such things as a ‘five-second rule.’ It’s a myth; we definitely do not recommend it.”

Though Williams explanation is kind of harsh and blunt, experts say there are certain foods that are better to drop than others. What food you drop and where you drop it has an impact on the health risks associated with consuming it.

If you drop chips, nuts  or bagels and really want to salvage them, it’s not the worst thing in the world. However, recovering meats and fruit after is a big no-no. Drier foods make it more difficult for bacteria to grow and there’s a less chance of contracting typhus than if you drop your meat and eat it, too.

In the end, I think we all knew, deep down, that eating food off the ground  isn’t exactly healthy. Think about it. It’s the same place our feet stomp over all day. Ew, gross.


One thought on “Five Second Rule: Myth or Fact?

  1. aaaaaargh says:

    Okay, this doesn’t really have a basis in the “media relations” of your blog’s chosen concept, but it’s a lively, entertaining, and fairly well-sourced post that’s built to share, so I’ll allow it.


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