Fitness health and Media relations

Highlighting the Relationship between fitness & health and its appearance in various media channels such as social media, advertising, branding and marketing. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the impact of fitness & health coverage and how it may affect the audiences’ attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles.



Charismatic, outdoor action junkie who believes in the power of communication to build and embrace relationships. My name is Sierra Halstenberg. I’m currently a student at West Virginia University majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. I’m expecting to graduate this upcoming Spring 2015.

Facts About MeIMG_0304
  • I live in Morgantown, WV but my heart is in Fayetteville.
  • I have a strong interest in fitness and nutrition.
  • I am a vegetarian, and I love to cook.
  • I enjoy rock climbing, hiking and yoga.
  • I have a serious case of wanderlust: a strong urge to travel and explore the world.
  • I’m a Pisces. I study zodiac signs, horoscopes and their meanings.

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