Outdoor Apparel & Instagram

Analyzing my recent blog post The North Face Market, Mintel data discovered that the outdoor market engages with outdoor apparel brands through social media. Therefore, brands try to connect with its consumers through social media campaigns that offer personalization and customization.

In this blog, I want to analyze the booming social media platform, Instagram. The goal is to observe different outdoor athletic brands and their social media strategies.

Let’s start with The North Face…

The North Face currently has 541K followers. The brand’s instagram include posts of outdoor athletic ambassadors such as skiers, snowboarders, campers, yogis, skateboarders and climbers. The North Face developed the hashtag #neverstopexploring, which includes 1,015,625 posts.



PrAna currently has 53.7k followers on Instagram. The brand is widely known for its climbing gear but has recently shifted to the yoga market. They have developed the hash #bringingyogaback, which currently includes 7,407 posts. The brand’s instagram is inviting consumers to overcome their limitations by participating in the “12 day yoga invitation.” The winner wins $1,000 in new prAna gear.

IMG_1050\ IMG_1051


Patagonia currently has 748K followers. The brand’s key strategy is to post dynamic images of ambassadors that are mind blowing. These ambassadors submit their photos at patagonia.tumblr.com and then the images are selected by the company to post on its instagram. While observing its account, I didn’t find any posts that included a hash tag. However, the posts did include descriptive captions relating to the featured ambassador.




Hope you enjoyed these gnarly shots! Have a good weekend my friends!


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